I am Karo Reiss, creator of several works on the topics of consciousness, ego dis-identification, multi-dimensional self-synthesis, reality rendering, manifesting, kismet relationships & soul missions.

All my contributions are based on my own two-decade long, painful journey from the ego-driven & societally conditioned existential illusion rooted in fear & suffering to a life of Oneness within myself - a life of joy, freedom, abundance & equanimity. It is my personal mission to bring quantum awareness to those of you who seek the truth about the genesis of your existence.

I am here to help you comprehend where you are on your individual path of awakening by gently accompanying you towards the highest level of re-discovery of your own primordial Oneness, the purest expression of your Self. On our journey together, I reveal & explain to you the inner & outer workings of our multi-dimensional quantum-holographic reality, as well as the powerful yet seemingly elusive laws of the universe that enable us to play the game of life from a place of deepest innate wisdom, ease & élan. I know for a fact that information always finds us when we are ready for it, so it is no coincidence that you are here now. Welcome home, my awakening family.


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in Oneness, Karo 

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