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If so, do you desire to share your insights on inner awakening, soul mission work or kismet relationships with the awakening collective to accelerate the higher consciousness shift in this world?

Are you someone who understands how we individually & collectively render reality through the interplay of awareness, intent, consciousness & quantum physics?

It is my personal soul mission to create this new, high-awareness publishing company “ZERO POINT HOUSE” that will transform humanity by giving people access to hidden wisdom & knowledge about the power to create reality as they wish - a technology we all are born with but most don't realize they possess. As publisher, I am looking for fresh, bold, unapologetic, experience-based, enlightening insights that help humans align themselves with their highest possible expression of (self)love. 

Simply fill out the form below if you are interested in joining the awakening family on this journey. All inquiries are considered confidential. Please do not submit original works through this form & please be patient while awaiting a reply from me. Thank you.

In Oneness, Karo 

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