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Protecting your personal data & privacy is super important to Us. That is why We would never sell to or share your information with other parties. The only exception to sharing your personal data pertains to third party services, technology platforms & apps that help Us process payments, handle client support tickets, to deliver email newsletters, various content, updates, services, as well as products to the client within the natural scope of our business. When you visit our website, which runs on Squarespace, the information about your visit is automatically recorded as log files. The types of visitor information that are captured are the IP address, visitor location, pages visited, duration of the visit, clicks performed & other metrics. For the full list of visitor data that is collected through the Squarespace integrated analytics suite, please visit this Squarespace page. The Sqaurespace analytics suite is integrated with Google SearchConsole. All data is anonymized.

When you sign up for our email newsletter either on a static page or within one of our videos, your email address (& sometimes name) is required to be added to our subscriber list. You may have to confirm your subscription in your email inbox before We add you to the next email newsletter. Our email newsletters contain information about our free & paid content, updates & announcements about new services & products, as well as changes in our Company that We may deem may be of interest to you. At times, We may send you information about a partnership We have entered into & very rarely may We recommend services or products by other companies or individuals We philosophically align with.

Whenever you interact with any of our email newsletters, information about user specific access time, access frequency, access duration, links clicked, content viewed, information shared with third parties & additional user-specific, as well as non-identifiable aggregate, data is captured & stored for our business analytics through our email newsletter platform provider, which is Convertkit.

When you sign up for our email newsletter within one of the videos, your email address (& name, if required) is first captured by Wistia (https://wistia.com), our video provider, then pushed to Convertkit where it is finally added to the subscriber list.

We use this website & email newsletters to share different types of information & content with you. Some of the content is videos. Wistia tracks how users interact with the videos on this website or whenever the videos are accessed by from within our email newsletter. This data is however anonymized. Users are presented with a newsletter sign-up form within our videos on this website. Generally, you are under no obligation to provide this information. In fact, you can skip the voluntary sign-up step. However, We reserve the right to limit access to certain information & (video) content to users who have signed up for our email newsletter and/or who have specifically subscribed to our paid offerings. You can unsubscribe from our email newsletter at any time.

Any user information collected through this website, videos, & email newsletters is used by Us in aggregate to help Us analyze trends, understand what drives traffic to our business properties & offerings, so We can improve the overall user experience, as well as create more targeted communications, content, products, services, & paid offerings. Information such as IP addresses & other data automatically collected through cookies that are placed on your electronic device when you access or interact with our business digital properties is not linked to any information that is personally identifiable.

When you visit this website, it places cookies in your browser to store user preferences & to customize the online experience for the you based on your previous use of this website. If you do not wish to have cookies placed in your browser, you can disable them in your browser option menu. Information how to disable & delete cookies in your specific browser can be found online.


We always welcome your visit to our website & hope you find the experience enjoyable. We may open the comments feature in the blog section for vistor input. We reserve the right to disable the comments section at any time & to subjectively block and/or delete comments that are inappropriate, defamatory, pertaining to illegal activities, elicit violence and/or hate or violate other’s privacy. This list is not exhaustive. We may not necessarily share the views & opinions expressed by others on this website’s blog section.

By visiting this website, you will be presented with multiple options to sign up for our email newsletter. By signing up for the email newsletter you agree to receive various types of communication such as free content, offers, product & service announcements, updates etc. that We subjectively deem may be of interest to you. You can unsubscribe from the email newsletter list at any time by using the “UNSUBSCRIBE” link in any of the emails you have received from Us. It may take a few days for your email address to be purged from the database. In the meantime, you may receive communications from Us that were already queued before you initiated the “UNSUBSCRIBE.” If you keep receiving communications after 14 days after you unsubscribed, please contact Us directly so We can remove your email address from the database manually.

If you contact Us through any submission forms on this website or email Us directly, your email will NOT be added to the email newsletter subscriber list. We may retain those emails generated by you to Us & from Us to you indefinitely.


Karo Reiss holds the copyright to all books written by her, as well as all the video & audio content created by her. She has granted Reiss Omnimedia Group LLC an exclusive, revocable license to publish & distribute her content & works throughout various platforms.

All other content on this website is property of Reiss Omnimedia Group LLC. You can share it unmodified & un-remixed on other platforms with proper attribution & for non-commercial purposes ONLY. If you would like to use this content under any other circumstances or for commercial projects, please contact Us first to ask for our permission to do so.

All photographs are property of our Company with the exception of legally acquired commercial stock photography, stock images, stock videography, stock audio, as well as photography, images, videography & audio obtained under the respective Creative Commons license. For copyright infringement issues please contact Us here so We can investigate your claim. Any use of copyrighted photographs, images, audio or video content elements that were improperly commercially acquired or improperly acquired under their respective Creative Commons license is unintentional.



Please read the specific product descriptions to learn about the terms & return policy for each product or service before making a purchase. Our products & services purchased through third parties (such as Amazon) are subject to the third party terms & return policies, which We do not control. Please consult the respective third party terms & return policies before making a purchase of our products or services through them.



The content on this website offered through books, videos, podcasts, email newsletters, & other products & services (aka our Suite of Offerings) falls in the area of Education. A Teacher is not a licensed professional such as a doctor, lawyer, psychologist, psychiatrist, accountant or financial professionals. The content presented through our Suite of Offerings, both free & fee-based, is based on each Teacher’s unique personal life experience & is highly subjective in nature. Therefore, this content may or may not be applicable to you, your unique circumstances, your ability to resonate with it, your ability to apply it in your life or to your unique needs. Any content, insights, tools, methods, advice or guidance dispensed through our Suite of Offerings, both free & fee-based, should be treated by you as strictly subjective & in no way be construed by you as objective, 100% foolproof, all-encompassing, 100% of the time applicable to you as advice, legal advice, medical advice, professional advice or facts. Always use discernment & think for yourself before & while consuming any kind of content or when purchasing products or services of any kind. What worked for someone else may not work for you. We do not make any express warranties or promises regarding outcomes resulting from the purchase or use of Our products or services.

If you consider changing your diet, medical treatment or fitness regimen you should consult a physician.

Your purchase of our books through Amazon.com using links provided on this website or in our email newsletters may result in affiliate commissions to Us.



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