During the ODYSSEY Private Course, we commit to each other for a period of 6 months to explore and master your reality rendering capabilities. During this transformative time, I offer you my fullest support, metaphysical knowledge and solutions tailored to your unique capabilities, situation, and desires. Over the course of our engagement, I will share with you everything that I know about the reality rendering process & beyond. This unique offering provides you with ongoing e-mail access to me in addition to pre-scheduled, recurring one-on-one sessions via phone / Skype:

  • INTRODUCTORY CALL (lasting between 1 to 3 hours, depending on your unique background and situation), and

  • PHONE / SKYPE SESSIONS: 12 thirty-minute calls to discuss how to streamline, simplify & therefore enhance your reality manifesting capabilities;

All my knowledge & insights are yours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This offering is not for everyone and I strongly recommend that you fully familiarize yourself with my books and existing content on this website first before you commit. Due to the nature of the ODYSSEY offering, this investment in your Self is non-refundable. I can and will only assist individuals who are fully committed and ready to embark on the greatest journey of their lifetime and understand that there is no way back to the old ways fraught with pain and suffering once a certain intuitive and mental trash-holds are passed. This expedition into the depths of your Self will forever transform you, and you must be prepared to deal with the upcoming significant - even radical - physical, psychological, emotional, personal and professional shifts in your reality that will dissolve all that which is not in your highest interest and not in alignment with your soul aspect. In the process, you will finally understand that you are the only operant power in your life that creates your unique reality. in the process, you will inadvertently return to a state of unconditional Self-love, which will remove everything from your path that is holding you back from fully actualizing your deepest desires.

Based on your unique background, beliefs, mindset, history, and circumstances I will present you with pointers, healing gateways and transformational modalities that resonate with you and support your unique path towards your multi-dimensional healing and integration.

If for unforeseeable reasons I am unable to fulfill my part of the journey with you at any point, I will return to you the prorated, unused portion of the course fee via check.

Please know that I operate in the Eastern Standard Time Zone with weekday (9am to 3pm) and select weekend availability before committing. I encourage and permit you to audio / video capture our sessions for your sole, private use so you can revisit them at a later time if needed. The ODYSSEY commitment expires within 8 months from the date of the introductory call (to leave wiggle room for travels and other hopefully positive unforeseen circumstances on both our ends), so it is important that you plan properly and commit to a schedule. This ensures that you are honest and accountable with yourself within this structured framework in order to get the most out of it.

We agree to be mutually kind and agreeable concerning the call schedule and will work together to experience this shared path with ease and an attitude of openness, compassion, mutual respect, and love.

I guarantee complete confidentiality. Thank you for your trust in me. It is my deepest honor to accompany you on this intimate journey to your Self and power to create the reality you desire.

In Oneness,


P.S.: If you prefer to mail a personal check to participate in the ODYSSEY Private Course with me, please email me here first.